Woodcroft Rec Fall 2020 Refund Policy

These policies apply to Woodcroft Rec and TAGS@Woodcroft teams

Triangle United Fall 2020 Recreation Refund Policy

Should the Fall 2020 season be cancelled or delayed due to extenuating circumstances beyond Triangle United’s control (Pandemic restrictions, field unavailability etc.) the following player fee refund policies will be implemented.

Scenario 1- Entire season is cancelled.  If the season is cancelled prior to the first practice TUSA will keep $25 of every registration fee to cover overhead costs which cannot be recovered and refund the balance.  Each participant would be offered a $25 camp credit for the 2021 year in addition to the balance of their fees refunded.

Scenario 2- Season is cancelled after the first practice.  Should the season be cancelled after the first practice has occurred a prorated refund will be issued based on the number of weeks played plus the $25 non-refundable overhead cost. 

Scenario 3- Season is delayed (not cancelled) due to the pandemic restrictions or field availability.  If the season is delayed at any point due to previously listed reasons every effort will be made to make up the missing practices and games prior to the weekend of November 14.